Sunday, May 31, 2009

The New House

Today I built my Girls their dream playhouse. It was easy to put together until.....the roof. As you can tell my the picture, Charlee is wondering if her playhouse will ever be finished. Actually, she was chatting on the playhouse phone. I believe she was talking to Little Eliza and Marque. Her imagination was in full gear.

There was no way I was going to be able to put the roof on and screw it down without help....

....Dad/Papa to the rescue. After about 45 minutes (thought it was only going to take 20 minutes max) we placed the final screw. I should have gotten pictures of Dad inside the playhouse, it would have been priceless.

I believe Charlee has rung the door bell a million times and that is before the roof was in place. She laughed because Maggie didn't bark at her doorbell. She was trying to force Maggie into the house all day long. May be with a treat she may get Maggie inside.

Ice Cream was the first meal in the playhouse. She also decided to park her car on the porch. I might need to build a garage for her.

She loves sitting on the front porch.

2 million rings of the doorbell...and counting.

Charlee and her girl, Maggie.

Charlee has already decided what windows need drapes. She is already started to decorate the inside. She must get that from Grandma.

This playhouse was the best toy I've ever bought. Charlee was so excited to play outside after a nap. This will keep her imagination going. I might need to buy Natalee her own house when she is walking so there isn't any fighting. I might turn my back porch into a litte town.
Thank you Dad for helping make my Girls (mostly Charlee's) dream come true. You are our lifesaver.


Marque and Liza said...

I love the new house!! When can we come play?

Eliza2006 said...

Looks like fun! We'll have to come take a look!