Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milestone Update

Natalee is offically walking at 10 months

Gotcha Day Celebration

Gotcha Day---3 Year Celebration
Charlee, Natalee, and I celebrated Gotcha Day today. I actually was just on the plane to China three years ago but we can't celebrate on January 28th. It seems like yesterday that Charlee was placed in my arms. A small little girl that didn't make a peep or give any emotions. Just look at what three years, tons of food, and love can do.
I love you, Charlee

Charlee is showing Natalee where China is on the globe.

Dinner at China Star


Both Girls Loved the Pork Lo Mein and Sesame Beef

So did Mommy!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Natalee turns ten months old

Natalee turned 10 months old, yesterday (pictures were taken today). It is amazing that she has been with Charlee and I for 10 whole months. She is starting to take steps. As many as 3 but usually 2 steps at a time. She is beginning to have a mind of her own. She is out growing baby food/cereal and wants real food. She is currently wearing size 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. She officially has 8 teeth today. The 8th tooth was a bit rough but we survived with a little Motrin.

She loves her big sister

A little fuzzy

Grandpa's 60th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a surprise 60th Birthday party for Grandpa. Everyone was present. Here are some of the photographs from the party.

Photograph through the balloon. SPOOKY!!!

Natalee was getting tired

It was also "C" 10th Birthday on Friday

Uncle Matt and Natalee

Aunt Von and Natalee

Girls and Glasses

...and the 60th Birthday Boy

Aunt Von decorating the Birthday cakes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baja Mexico Cruise

The Girls and I returned from our 5 day vacation on the Carnival Elation to Baja Mexico. We had a great time. Too be completely honest, it was rough traveling as a single parent with two kids. I never got a break and kids out of their element can be challenging.

Here are some of our pictures:

Carnival Elation
Our first day on the cruise

The Girls and I had a great time exploring the ship and finding our way around. The Girls did great on the flight, taxi ride to the pier, and boarding the ship. This was Charlee's 29th flight and Natalee's first. Both took naps.

Natalee showing off the backside of her new swimsuit. We attempted to go swimming the first day but the safety drill cancelled those plans.

Our first morning on the cruise. A "Fun Day At Sea" was the plan but the weather had a different plan. As you can tell it had been raining and windy during the night.
Photograph by Charlee

Charlee had a rough first morning. She fell twice in the room and scuffed both knees then got her two fingers stuck in the elevator.
Waiting for breakfast to begin. They were the only kids awake at this our of the morning.

The Sun made a quick appearence so we decided to go swimming. Cold when you got out of the water.

Day #2- Catalina Island, California
The Weather was just as bad if not worse. Freak Storm.
It was raining so I bought Charlee a Chinese Umbrella. She was happy.

After returning from the island, Charlee went to Camp Carnival for some kid time. Natalee and I explored the ship and played on the deck.

Ship to shore pictures

Day #3- Ensenada Mexico
Trip the the Famous BlowHole
This was worth the whole cruise just too see this amazing natural feature. Only 4 in the world.
Charlee got a cute purple purse while shopping in downtown Ensenada

Our last morning.....

We all took naps on the flight back to Utah. It was nice to be home. Would I do this again? Not until Natalee is at least 2 years old and can attend Camp Carnival. If I had gotten some alone time, the trip would have been perfect. I loved spending time with my Girls.