Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Second Eye Surgery for Charlee

Charlee went to, Dr. Petersen, her eye doctor, today for her six week after her first eye surgery to move two muscles in each eye to correct her strabismus (cross-eyed). Well, Charlee is scheduled for her second eye surgery on November 5, 2008.

At the beginning of treatment, her eyes were off by 50 degrees
Charlee on July 4, 2008 (one month before surgery)

August 5, 2008 The day of surgery

One week post-op her eyes were off by 10 degrees but Dr. Petersen was hopeful that it was just the swelling and inflammation.

Charlee on her third day after surgery

Today, her eyes are off by 35 degrees and another surgery is needed. Dr. Petersen will move one muscle in each eye to hopefully get her eyes correct

Charlee today (with two mosquito bites on her cheek)
....And there will not be an additional surgery like tonsils and adenoids like the first surgery.
Just the eyes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Future Scrapbooker

Future scrapbooker
Grandma and Aunt Von will be so proud

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Charlee and Maggie
April 5, 2007

Maggie is the other member of your family. Maggie is a boxer/lab mix dog that weighs about 55 lbs. She will be 7 years old this coming February. She has been absolutely terrific with Charlee. They both keep each other entertained and commonly share the same bed. I could not have asked for a better dog than Maggie. Her nicknames include Mags, Maggie-Moo, and Mag'ers.

Legacy Parkway Is Open

Legacy Parkway finally opened yesterday. I can't remember how many years this parkway has been in the making. Since the parkway is virtually in my backyard, Charlee and I have been anxiously awaiting the Grand Opening. Besides the new access to Northern Davis County via car, there is a walkway for people, dogs, and horses.

So today, Charlee, Grandpa Paul, Tina, and I adventured on bike from North Salt Lake trailhead to the Centerville trailhead, about 15 miles round trip.

Charlee did great in the bike trailer until the last 20 minutes. The sun was in our eyes and she was tired of sitting. I would have been crying too. By the time we got back to the house, I was about to cry myself. My legs are like JELL-O.
Charlee and I need a NAP!!!!!! but before that happened......
.....Grandma and Papa called and asked us to take the adventure of Legacy Parkway, again but this time by car. So we took the whole adventure by car with a few detours along the way.
Now Charlee is down for a nap and I'm actually off to do the laundry. Yuck!!!!!

Roasted Hot Dogs & Smores

Last night was a first for Charlee. We joined our friends in an adventure up Millcreek Canyon for campfire.

Charlee, Little Liza, and Beau ready for the trip up the canyon

We roasted hot dogs and yummy smores. We went for a small walk into "the deep forest" according to Charlee, and sat around the campfire. It was terrific!!!!!!!!

A Russian Adoption

A Russian Adoption Begins
Where to begin....many months ago I decided that another child would make a wonderful addition to our family. I began with a 40+ hour week internet search for an international country that would first allow single woman to adopt, and second would be right for Charlee and I. After many many long hours on the internet, a million e-mails, a few restless nights. After my long nights of searchin, I did came up with two conclusions: I wanted a girl of Asian decent.
On July 8, 2008 I received a phone call from Partners For Adoption. I spoke with Lisa, who has recently adopted her daughter from Russia, for an hour about this region in Russia called Vladivostok. After telling Lisa my desires, she informed me that Asian children are available in Russia, particularly in Vladivostok. I asked Lisa tons of questions and asked her to send me the information packet on their Russian program.
As soon as I hung up the phone, I knew that Vladivostok, Russia is were my daughter was born or going to be born. Everything just felt right. I knew it was the right thing for Charlee and I.
Over the next few weeks, I did 40+ hours of internet research on Russian adoptions, Vladivostok, Partners for Adoption, and a second adoption. I contacted other adoptive families that have used Partners for Adoption, contacted Lisa on several occasions with questions, and scheduled a phone appointment with Diana, the director of the Russian Program.
On July 22, 2008 I spoke with Diana about my future daughter from Russia. We spoke for about 3o minutes. She reviewed the process of gathering documents, waiting, travel, and post adoption requirements. Russia is similar to China's program but extremely different in many areas. The wait time for a girl from Russia is from 12 to 18 months but Diana said, "Don't be shocked if you receive a referral in 8 months because of requesting an Asian/Eurasian girl". After I hung up the phone, I was ready to start.
On July 30, my application fee, application, retainer fee, and retainer fee were signed and sent to Partners For Adoption. The beginning had officially began.
My homestudy was conducted on September 8, 2008 with Suzanne. She is wonderful. I felt very comfortable with her. Charlee had a great time coloring with Suzanne during our visit.
As of today, I'm waiting for my homestudy to be reviewed by Partners for Adoption. My other documents are ready to be notarized. Once I have my homestudy and my other documents notarized, I'll make a quick trip up to the State Capital to the Authentication Office for apostille, which will take about one week. Then everything is off to Partners For Adoption where it will be sent to Russia for translation, and registration with the Russian government.
Then the long wait.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China

Fujian is straight across from Taiwan
(in lime green)

Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Institute was Charlee's orphanage. Fuzhou is were Charlee's Grandma and I picked her up.

Our house....

Charlee and I live in community about 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We have a terrific three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse with a great swimming pool for the summer months. I don't have to worry about doing any yard work or shoveling snow.

Dining Room
The Kitchen

The Living Room

Photographs of China Adoption

Charlee's Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day
January 28, 2007
Charlee Eva Li

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Additional Photos of Li Fu Dang

Find ad photograph, estimated to be 2 weeks after birth.

Li Fu on November 22, 2006 at the Zhangzhou City SWI.

Photographs taken by the Strand Family.

The Beginning of our story.....

My China adoption began on July 28, 2004 when I secured a single slot with West Sands Adoption Agency, on March 8, 2005 the paper chase began......August 5, 2005 my dossier was sent to China (DTC) and August 26, 2005 was my log in date............

December 9, 2006 my beautiful daughter's referral came.

Li Fu Dang
February 21, 2006
Zhangzhou City
Fujian Province