Sunday, September 14, 2008

Legacy Parkway Is Open

Legacy Parkway finally opened yesterday. I can't remember how many years this parkway has been in the making. Since the parkway is virtually in my backyard, Charlee and I have been anxiously awaiting the Grand Opening. Besides the new access to Northern Davis County via car, there is a walkway for people, dogs, and horses.

So today, Charlee, Grandpa Paul, Tina, and I adventured on bike from North Salt Lake trailhead to the Centerville trailhead, about 15 miles round trip.

Charlee did great in the bike trailer until the last 20 minutes. The sun was in our eyes and she was tired of sitting. I would have been crying too. By the time we got back to the house, I was about to cry myself. My legs are like JELL-O.
Charlee and I need a NAP!!!!!! but before that happened......
.....Grandma and Papa called and asked us to take the adventure of Legacy Parkway, again but this time by car. So we took the whole adventure by car with a few detours along the way.
Now Charlee is down for a nap and I'm actually off to do the laundry. Yuck!!!!!

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Lisa and Tate said...

Dear Jello Legs.....
OH.MY.HECK!!!! You did 15 miles???? I think I am tired just reading this. We will have to get Mesa, Maggie, Beau and the babes and hit the trails.... I have a bike and a trailer for the illusive Tate, by the way.