Monday, March 30, 2009

Two weeks old

It's been two weeks since Natalee joined our family. Where did the past two weeks go???

Charlee loves to feed her baby sister
Charlee is not quite ready for bed so she crawled into my bed

My little bundle of pink joy

Someone has sleepy eyes....finally!!!!

We had our first post-placement social worker visit with Esther. We have one more visit in July before finalization of the adoption can take place in September.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elton John Visits Utah

Elton John or Noah??

I love the new look

Sonia as Elton John

Noah as a rock star

Eileen, Noah, and Sonia thank you for the visit and the gifts. Charlee can't wait to put the Natalee's new toy together.

Bath Pictures

First naked baby photo

The saying on the hood is, "Got Milk"

All done. We all survived the first bath. Charlee was very helpful with applying the lotion.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Water Baby

It's official.....
I have another water baby. Natalee took her first real bath at Grandma and Papa's house today. At first she didn't know what to think about the water but after a few minutes she was relaxed and enjoying the warm water.

These pictures are all before the bath. Grandma has all the photographs of the actual bath time. I'll have to update the post later.

Natalee is also a Pisces, the zodiac sign of the fish, just like her big sister Charlee.

A Faithful Meeting

While I was at the airport yesterday, there was a woman with a newborn African American child waiting in the same area as I was. When I took Charlee to the restroom, she was changing the baby so I stopped to talk to her. We got talking and she also adopted this little girl. I asked what agency, she said, "Guardian Angel" WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I used Guardian Angel for the adoption of my daughter last week......She went on to tell me that they just arrived from Colorado

(for anyone that doesn't know my full adoption story.....I was getting prepared to travel to Colorado to adopted a little girl that was born on March 10th. On March 15th, I decided that something just didn't feel right about the situation in Colorado so I turned down the child....Well, the next day, Natalee came into my life but not before the birth parents looked at another family before picking me to adopt Natalee. The family that was not picked my Natalee's birth parents traveled to Colorado for the little girl born on March 10th)

......What are the chances of meeting the family that adopted the girl from Colorado??????

I told her that the Colorado baby didn't feel right to me and she told me that the Utah baby didn't feel right to them.


Align Center

This little girl will always be know as the Colorado Baby

Mila's Homecoming

Yesterday, I packed up my crew and headed to the airport to greet my friend Lala (Leanne) and her newly adopted daughter, Mila (two days younger than Natalee). I was great to finally see Lala holding her daughter. Mila is a beautiful little girl. Congrats Lala and Mila.
Lala, Mila, & Daria
Charlee and Natalee's new wheels. A sit 'n stand tandem stroller.

Natalee and Solomon

Charlee was actually in a really good and happy mood but just not for this picture.

Mila and Natalee

Welcome Home Lala and Mila!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out of Order-Homecoming Pictures

Natalee's Coming Home
March 19, 2009
Look Mom no wires!!!!!
My first pink t-shirt. "Mom, it's a little big"
"I love my new outfit. Thank you Grandma and Papa"
"Can we go, I'm getting tired of this hospital"
Grandma's first time feeding Natalee
Natalee gave Charlee a new baby doll, Polly, to take care of
Grandma and Charlee feeding babies

Sisters Forever!!!!

Natalee and her CareBear (from Christmas)

I love being home!!!!!!!

Welcome Home, Natalee!!!

Natalee's First Week Home

Natalee has been home for one week. How our lifes have changed? I think everyone is adjusting well. Maggie seems to be adjusting the best. Natalee is still sleeping and eating well. We had some constipation issues the past two days but got some great advice from LaLa who is having the same issues with Mila in Texas. 1/4 teaspoon Karo Syrup in 3 oz of formula. This did the trick and now Natalee is feeling better.

Charlee is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to sharing Mom's time and lap. She played with Play-Dooh for about 1 1/2 hours. She had a great time and it allowed me to do a few things around the house. "Look Uncle Matt, I mixed the color."

I love my Girls.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Todays Pictures

Alexander and Orion are confused....Are these dog beds or baby beds?

A smile or gas bubble?

Alexander loves the smell of Natalee

My Girls being silly

How sweet is this?
Happy Birthday Aunt Von!!!!!!

Umbilical Cord

I'm pleased to announce that Natalee lost her umbilical cord stump this morning.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Natalee's First Doctors Visit

Natalee went to the doctor today for her first visit.

7lbs 8 oz (4 oz weight gain)-55 percentile on the growth chart

19 inches (no change)-15 percentile on the growth chart

She got a clean bill of health. Her next scheduled visit is in 2 months.

Our second week together...

Today we had a visit from Oma, Opa, Great Aunt Shirley, and Grandma

Early morning in Mommy's bed. Natalee is averaging 4 hours between waking up. I'm blessed

Charlee has grown up so much in the past week

Oma and Opa

Great Aunt Shirley

My sweet sleeping Natalee

Charlee is reading a cook book to Natalee and Maggie.