Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Faithful Meeting

While I was at the airport yesterday, there was a woman with a newborn African American child waiting in the same area as I was. When I took Charlee to the restroom, she was changing the baby so I stopped to talk to her. We got talking and she also adopted this little girl. I asked what agency, she said, "Guardian Angel" WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I used Guardian Angel for the adoption of my daughter last week......She went on to tell me that they just arrived from Colorado

(for anyone that doesn't know my full adoption story.....I was getting prepared to travel to Colorado to adopted a little girl that was born on March 10th. On March 15th, I decided that something just didn't feel right about the situation in Colorado so I turned down the child....Well, the next day, Natalee came into my life but not before the birth parents looked at another family before picking me to adopt Natalee. The family that was not picked my Natalee's birth parents traveled to Colorado for the little girl born on March 10th)

......What are the chances of meeting the family that adopted the girl from Colorado??????

I told her that the Colorado baby didn't feel right to me and she told me that the Utah baby didn't feel right to them.


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This little girl will always be know as the Colorado Baby

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Eliza2006 said...

That is so amazing!