Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charlee's Christmas 2008 Pictures

"My Snow Baby"

Photographs by JCPenney Portrait Studio

Build-A-Bear Surprise!!!!

For Christmas, Charlee and I gave each of the kids a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear. Here are their creations....
"Army Dog"
"High School Musical Dog"

"Pittsburgh Steeler Bear"

....Each of the animals true represents the kids personality.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Puppy

Today Charlee, Maggie, and I visited with Carrie, Brian, Michael, and their new German Shepherd puppy, Sophie. Charlee absolutely adored Sophie. It almost makes me want to get her a new puppy for her birthday.....

....I don't think so.
Michael is awake and ready to play

Crate training also works for children

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After-After Christmas

Today was Charlee and I's day after Christmas celebration because of having to go to work the day after Christmas. We spent the whole day in our PJ's and played with Christmas toys. I did manage to clean up the breakfast dishes from Christmas morning, vacuum the floor, and take out the garbage. I needed to have at least have some order in my house. Charlee played with all of her toys. She would jump from one to another. We both took naps which were desperately needed for both of us. This has been a perfect day after-after Christmas.

Here are a few pictures of Charlee with her new Christmas toys
Charlee's favorite present, her new baby stroller and carrier

The new addition to Charlee's babies, Playful Patti

Look, I can be a Mrs. Potato Head, too.

Some new animals

Lots of new books. Some even two copies.

Money, money, money

Little People- Prince, Princess, and Carriage. Don't forget the frog that turns into the prince.

Charlee's Christmas Tree Ornament for 2008

Candy Land!!!!!

Dora Puzzle

It was finally time to get out of the PJ's and take a bath. So why not use our new bathtub paint and crayons. She loves them. She wants Eliza to come over and help her paint the tub.

Here are Natalee's new Christmas toys.

Natalee's first Christmas Tree Ornament

Natalee, Charlee will be taking care of your new bears for you until you arrive home.

Everyone got a Christmas Tree Ornament, even Maggie

...and this is how our evening ended....


A tired little girl needs her sleep
Hot Cherry Cobbler

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Santa Came To Town
Charlee is excited that Grandma, Papa, and Great-Grandma are finally at our house so we can start Christmas morning. It's hard for a 2 year old to wait to see the Christmas Tree with presents underneath.

Charlee's Christmas Stocking is as large as she is

A Chinese Doll all the way from China

Cookware for kids

She loves her new toy camera

Charlee's Doggie Christmas Stocking at Grandma and Papa's house

Charlee helping the doggies open their gifts from Santa

Handmade Giraffe Blank from Aunt Von, Uncle Matt, and the Kids

Giraffe sleepers to match

And a giant giraffe to complete the package

Hey, those sleepers are for Charlee.

Merry Christmas 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Charlee is getting our Christmas Stockings. ready for Santa

Charlee is extremely excited for Christmas. We have cookies and milk for Santa already.

Our Second Christmas together

A Christmas Kiss for Mommy

A Christmas Kiss for Papa

A Christmas Kiss for Opa

A Christmas Squeeze for Great-Grandma

Charlee can't get enough of Oma's famous red cabbage.

"Yes, this is my third helping of red cabbage. I love red cabbage"

Singing Christmas Carols at the top of the stairs with Cousins Briggie and Suzie.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!!