Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Dream

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream about traveling to Russia to pick up Natalee. It began with arriving at the "Baby House" aka orphanage. I was given a number, like the ones you get at the bakery, butcher block, or fabric cutting counter, and was told to wait in this room.

The room was HUGE and dark wood colors. The tables and chairs enormous in size. It was more like a dinning room than the waiting room. It remained me of the dining hall in Harry Potter but darker in color. I was the first one in the room and more families started to arrive. I would see the "baby house" director come and go but she was not calling out any numbers. I was getting nervous. I started to talk with the other families but it was not helping my nerves. The director finally started calling numbers but it was for the families who just arrived. Other families were getting upset because they were their first. I kept telling myself that it will all work out and not to get upset. I was getting more and more worried. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Finally, the director came over to me and said she was still gathering documents and it would be a while but hopefully today so go to lunch and come back.

I went to a small cafe with white and purple flowers. It reminds me of a diner I stopped in somewhere along my travels. I was eating lunch and went to give myself some insulin via my insulin pump when it BROKE. I tried everything to troubleshoot it but then it gave me an error and told me to stop trying because it was a broken. This made me panic. What was I going to do without my insulin pump. I started to thinking about what I had packed. Did I bring a syringes for back up? What was I going to do???????????

Then I woke up.

Lesson learned: Pack plenty of back up supplies in case my insulin pump breaks.

Even though this was more like a nightmare, at least I was in Russia getting Natalee.

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Eliza2006 said...

I love the baby dreams (even though they are usually nightmarish in some way for me too). I can't wait to find out who Nat Tat Tatalee is too!