Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eye Surgery Update

Charlee had her five week follow up appointment with the wonderful Dr. David Petersen. I must say that I admire her doctor. He has been so great to work with and is terrific with Charlee. We couldn't ask for a better eye doctor.

Well.....he is extremely pleased with the alignment of her eyes. They are exactly where the could be. Her right eye is still red from the surgery but he is confident that in time that will go away. He thought her tear duct stent was still in her eye so she had to go through a traumatic process of trying to remove it. I had to practically sit on her while someone held her head straight and Dr. Petersen got to use a pair of tiny, tiny tweezers to probe the tear duct. After several attempts, he decided that what he saw was not the stent. He said that 50% of the time, the stents fall out on their own so this must have been what happened.

After all that, Charlee said that she would still be friends with Dr. Petersen. What's next?

The usual follow up is in 6 months but with this being the second surgery he wants to see us on March 10th, unless the eyes start crossing again. I feel really good about her eyes at this point.

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