Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After-After Christmas

Today was Charlee and I's day after Christmas celebration because of having to go to work the day after Christmas. We spent the whole day in our PJ's and played with Christmas toys. I did manage to clean up the breakfast dishes from Christmas morning, vacuum the floor, and take out the garbage. I needed to have at least have some order in my house. Charlee played with all of her toys. She would jump from one to another. We both took naps which were desperately needed for both of us. This has been a perfect day after-after Christmas.

Here are a few pictures of Charlee with her new Christmas toys
Charlee's favorite present, her new baby stroller and carrier

The new addition to Charlee's babies, Playful Patti

Look, I can be a Mrs. Potato Head, too.

Some new animals

Lots of new books. Some even two copies.

Money, money, money

Little People- Prince, Princess, and Carriage. Don't forget the frog that turns into the prince.

Charlee's Christmas Tree Ornament for 2008

Candy Land!!!!!

Dora Puzzle

It was finally time to get out of the PJ's and take a bath. So why not use our new bathtub paint and crayons. She loves them. She wants Eliza to come over and help her paint the tub.

Here are Natalee's new Christmas toys.

Natalee's first Christmas Tree Ornament

Natalee, Charlee will be taking care of your new bears for you until you arrive home.

Everyone got a Christmas Tree Ornament, even Maggie

...and this is how our evening ended....


A tired little girl needs her sleep
Hot Cherry Cobbler


Lisa and Tate said...

Looks like a funtime!!! Love the stroller.... and the grin on Char Char's face.

Happy after after Christmas celebration! Next year we will have Tate and Natalee!!!

The Poulson's said...

Looks like a fun time!