Sunday, December 14, 2008

Swimming in winter

Today Charlee and I went swimming with Carrie, Brian, and Michael at the Murray City Indoor Swimming Pool. The water was warm but could have been warmer. Charlee's teeth were a chattering and poor little Michael had purple lips by the time we were done. I think Charlee was tired (from last night) because she was not my normal little fish. I don't blame her. I'm still recovering from our late night.

We compared Michael (15 months old) and Charlee (34 months old). Michael is about 1 pound heavier and Charlee is about 1 inch taller. The conclusion.....Michael is going to be a big kid and Charlee going to be small. It doesn't' take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Swimming in the winter is fun but it is the walking to the car that is hard. My hair was wet, my feet were frozen, and the bottom of my jeans were wet. Charlee was nice and warm as she cuddled in my jacket. This is the only bad part about swimming in winter unless you are in Mexico, Hawaii, or some where in the tropics. Paradise shoulds GREAT!!!!!!


LiLi said...

I can't wait for Mexico! The water is not warm but the air is (supposed to be in the 80's). Ready to relax by the beach/pool.

Eliza2006 said...

4 new babies next month? That would be interesting...and a miracle unless some of us are getting twins (heaven forbid!)!