Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotcha Day Celebration

Gotcha Day---3 Year Celebration
Charlee, Natalee, and I celebrated Gotcha Day today. I actually was just on the plane to China three years ago but we can't celebrate on January 28th. It seems like yesterday that Charlee was placed in my arms. A small little girl that didn't make a peep or give any emotions. Just look at what three years, tons of food, and love can do.
I love you, Charlee

Charlee is showing Natalee where China is on the globe.

Dinner at China Star


Both Girls Loved the Pork Lo Mein and Sesame Beef

So did Mommy!!!!!!


Lisa and Tate said...

WOW!!! Three years?! Happy gotcha day.. and what a beautiful flower Charlee has bloomed into!

Blain & Maggie said...

Congratulations. What a wonderful day to celebrate.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

congrats....love the char Char too!