Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Our Memorial Day weekend began with visiting the cemetries in Bountiful. We first went to Great-Grandpa's. I tried to get a picture of the Girls together but Charlee was not in the mood for pictures. Natalee was not the most cooperative but it was sunny. We then went to Baby Matt's (my brother). We also placed flowers on Great-Grandma Eva, Great-Grandpa Charles, and Great-Grandma Gladys. We barely finished when the rain began.

Great-Grandma and Natalee

On Saturday morning, we jumped into the car for an hour drive to Heber to ride Thomas the Train.

Charlee and Natalee before boarding the train

All Aboard!!!!!!!

Natalee slept through the whole 25 minutes

Tiffany and Solomon

Eliza and Charlee

Lindsey and Sam

After the day with Thomas the Train....we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's. On Sunday, we went to Great Oma and Great Opa's graveside in a complete down pour. We left the kids in the car while we each ran to the graveside with an umbrella.

Natalee was not a happy camper. On Monday we spent the day at home, just the three of us and Maggie. I did some laundry, cleaned the house, and played outside. Charlee said that she was glad that I stayed home from work.

Natalee loves her swing

Charlee requested nachos for dinner

My Girls after a long weekend.

I would have posted these pictures yesterday but my internet has been having issues. Comcast had to come out on Saturday to fix the connection, then on Monday the wireless router stopped working right in the middle of trying to post. I'm way to dependent on technology.

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Eliza2006 said...

Thomas the train...a very expensive train ride, but worth the fun of hanging out with our friends!