Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first two days back to work....

My first day back to work after being off for 7 weeks was uneventful except for Charlee pucking at Grandma's house. Yep, she go the BUG!!!!! Grandma took good care of the Girls but this made going back to work even harder.

I didn't get much catch up done at work but I was present and remembered all of my passwords so that is a start. I just wanted to be home especially for Charlee. This was only the second time since our time together that she has thrown-up.

After work we watched Cinderella three times then it was off to bed. Charlee slept fairly well last night. I thought she was doing fairly well when she asked for a waffle this morning for breakfast.

I dropped the Girls off at Grandma Beckie and Grandpa Paul's house. And off to work I go......

I made a comment to a visitor at the hospital as I was getting in the elevators that would come back to bite me...."I've worked here for 15 years and have never gotten stuck in an elevator".

I did my work, saw patients, emptied all the boxes out of my office from the move, and got organized, including answering/deleting/reading all my e-mails from the past 7 weeks. I didn't get a phone call from Paul and Beckie so I was hopeful that everything was going good.

Guess what?????

I got stuck in the elevator for about 5 minutes by myself today. Engineering had a tough time opening the door but everything was ok in the end. I thought twice about taking the elevator to the lobby after work but I was lazy and didn't want to take the stairs from the sixth floor.

When I got to Paul and Beckies.....I found out that Charlee pucked all over herself and Beckie. So much for getting better. We went straight home and started Cinderella. Charlee ate a piece of toast and some water then....
Time for a cat nap

I'm jealous.....


Eliza2006 said...

That stinks. Nothing like going back to work with a bang. It's hard to leave sick babies. It's one of the hardest times as a working, single parent. Hang in there. The bug won't last forever. We're half-way to the weekend.

Lisa and Tate said...

Remembering your passwords after 7 weeks of mommahood is an amazing thing! Way to go!

Just plain pucky that your Charlee is sick.

Here hoping you win the LOTTO and can be a stay at home single momma.