Monday, May 18, 2009

A Cute Comment by Charlee...

Yesterday, I finally got the mail after several days. In the mail was the insurance statement on Natalee's hospital bill. Of course, one of the bills got screwed up and I was telling Charlee that the insurance company messed up on Natalee's bills and I'll have to call in the morning. She proceeded to say.....

"Does that mean we have to take her back"

That's my girl. Look at these cute shorts. Aunt Von, do you remember these shorts from one of our many adventures to Target last September? They are the perfect size, except the waist, but these shorts have the adjustable waistband.

1 comment:

LiLi said...

Tell Charlee no one's going back :)

Charlee looks big and very cute.

Love the bath pictures.