Saturday, May 16, 2009

Natalee turns two months old

Where did the past two months go????

I can't believe Natalee is two months old. She has grown so much in these past two months. We are very blessed to have Natalee with us. She is my little angel.

Natalee is sleeping through most nights, eating really really well (especially in the evenings), smiles, makes eye contact, and loves to play. She is awake alot more than she was one month ago. I love this stage. She makes the cutest sounds. She loves to play in the bathtub. She is already splashing and kicking her legs.

Charlee is terrific with Natalee. She helps with finding the binkie (I have 1/2 dozen and can never find one), loves taking a bath with Natalee, picks out clothes, changes diapers, makes bottles, and lets me know when she is crying (if I couldn't hear).

The best help from Charlee is while driving in the car and Charlee screams out "Mom, Natalee just throw up". My little helper.

"Mom, the flash is a bit bright"

Natalee loves to watch Charlee play

Charlee loves Natalee

Charlee and Natalee getting ready for bed

"I'm ready for bed"

Good Night Sweethearts!!!!!!

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