Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sticker Shock At The Pharmacy

Last week I went to my doctor for a sinus infection and was prescribed a "Z Pack" which was a nice generic price of $5.00

It worked great. Within 24 hours I felt 100% better until today.....

....the sinus pressure was back, blood sugars topped out at 462, and I felt crummy so I made a call to my doctor. She called in a new prescription.

I just about passed out when I saw the price for 5 Levaquin......$50.00 co-pay

What am I to do. I can't let this infection get any worse so I sucked it up and swiped the card.

I've taken the first pill about 2 hours ago and the only difference I can tell is that I want to throw-up and curl up into a little ball.

Sticker shock at the pharmacy. It just better work.


LiLi said...

Z packs don't work for sinus infections- trust me. I've tried. I go for the hard core drugs every's worth the money

Eliza2006 said...

I spent all last night puking and didn't go to work today. Let me know if I poisoned you. Hope you feel better,