Monday, October 6, 2008

Egg timer: priceless

Everyone knows that I've struggled with Charlee's bedtime since the first day we've been home. I've tried everything under the sun to make bedtime less of a fight. Well, I decided to try an egg timer. I've been thinking of this idea for sometime but never got around to buying the timer until.....

.....Our trip to PA. My niece and nephews were playing with my sister's egg timer one day and it made me think of the idea (all so bedtime on vacation is 100 times worse). The next day, we went shopping at Target and I pick-up this funky "Pepper Cracker" timer on clearance for $5.00

A miracle happened. Charlee went to bed without a fight. Another miracle happened over and over every night, no fighting to go to bed. This "Pepper Cracker" timer was priceless. Until...

....Saturday when I twisted it too far and it broke.

The Priceless Replacement Egg Timer

$6.50 at the Gift Shop at LDS Hospital

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LiLi said...

I like the Ice cream time better myself