Sunday, October 5, 2008

No More Diapers For Ducky

A Ducky Day

One of the many potty training books we are reading. This one is my favorite. Charlee's, too.

Charlee wearing her new ducky PJ's. This morning her toes were ice cold so it was time to bring out the warm PJ's.
Charlee insisted that her picture also be in this picture. This is a new thing for her.
Charlee sitting on top of the duck
Charlee is not longer in diapers. She has once again graduated into BIG GIRL panties. This time there is no turning back. So far so good. Tomorrow she is going to wear panties at school.


Lisa and Tate said...

What a cute post! CharChar is so cute in her ducky night time get-up! Good luck Charlee on wearing big girl panties tomorrow!


LiLi said...

Love the Ducky Jammies