Saturday, October 4, 2008

Side Trip to Buffalo New York

While Charlee and I were on vacation, we took a side vacation to Buffalo New York for a quick 24 hour visit with our friends Lori and Lilliana. Lori and I spoke nearly everyday and sometimes multiple times in the day and evening while waiting for our referrals from China. I met Lori for the first time in person at the Beijing Airport. Our daughters are from Fujian China. Charlee and Lilliana spent everyday playing with each other in China. They have a very special relationship with each other that will last a life time.

We did alot of things in our 24 hour visit. We went to the Buffalo Zoo were Lilliana saw a real Giraffe for the first time in her life. We also got to see a Baby Rhino. Charlee and Lilliana played dress-up, went swimming, jumped on the beds, ran in the halls, and many other things.

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LiLi said...

Wow- Lilliana has gotten big! I haven't seen her since your pictures from China