Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where is my Maggie????

Before school and work, Charlee and I took Maggie to the Vet's Office for teething cleaning and the full works (blood test for her thyroid, immunizations, nails, etc....). Charlee was having a great time at the office until they took Maggie into the back room. Neither Charlee or Maggie liked the idea of being separated. All the way to school, I heard, "I want my Maggie?" "Where is my Maggie?" Tears were rolling down her face. Nothing I did or said would help.

The first thing she said when I picked her up from school was...."Where is my Maggie???"

Charlee was so excited when we picked up Maggie. Maggie was just as excited to see us. She headed right for the door.

All night, Charlee kept asking, "Where is my Maggie sleeping?" Basically Maggie walked into the house got a quick drink and a little food then went straight up stairs to her bed. She will need a few days to recover.

By the way, a strange thing was found on Maggie....a baby tooth next to her molar. Maggie is 7 years old. The Vet pulled the baby tooth without any problems. I'll get the lab results tomorrow. I'm guessing that she is low on her thyroid because of how slow she has been acting. For those that don't know, Maggie does not have a thyroid and has been on thyroid supplements for the past three years.

Charlee sure does love her Maggie:)

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Lisa and Tate said...

Sooo sweet. Oh how I hope Tate loves her Mesa as much as Charlee loves Maggie!!!