Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Waiting Child

Before I even decided to adopt from Russia, I looked for a waiting child. There is a website called Rainbow Kids that is database of children around the world waiting to be adopted. I put in my profile and searched for an Asian girl between newborn and 3 years old, with some minor medical conditions. The numerous searches turned up empty handed, so I started the process for Russia.
On December 23, 2008 I checked my e-mail to find an e-mail from Rainbow Kids with a waiting child that was just added to the database that matched my profile. This is the information on the database....

18 month old, Euro-Asian girl with strabismus (cross-eyed)......Not alot of information or pictures. So, I e-mailed the adoption agency who is trying to place this little girl......

After one week and additional e-mails and phone calls, I received an e-mail with these pictures. This was the first picture I opened.....

If you recall back in November, I added a picture of two babies that I found on the Russian database of children waiting for adoption. This was one of the pictures. My heart sank. What are the odds?????
This is the current picture of this baby who's name is Irene

Based on an old medical report, Irene is a very healthy baby with only minor strabismus. The adoption agency will have more medical information, hopefully on Monday. The agency says they have received tons of phone calls on this little girl.

My heart is saying yes, pursue this little girl but logically my brain is saying no. The timing is not right, I don't have a enough time off saved up from work to even travel to Russia. An the biggest logical bump in the road is the money I would lose from my current agency. The fees that I've already paid are non-refundable so I would have to pay an additional 10,000 dollars to this new agency.

I know little Irene will go to a wonderful family. She will have a great future.

These are the pictures of the first child I blogged about....Could this be Natalee????

Original Photograph from the Russian database

Enhanced photograph

I originally thought these two girls were the same girl but I was wrong.

Could this little girl in the black and white photos be Natalee????

To this day, I still feel a connection to this photograph. When I dream, this is the girl in my dreams.

Time will tell. She will be 9 month is April so that would be the earliest she would be available for an international adoption.

We will see?????


Lisa and Tate said...

Wow.. either baby would be awesome. When the time is right, things will just seem to work out!!

LiLi said...

Timing is everything- as I am learning from this process! Your baby is out there - even if these two are not her. Natalee is out there

Bico Jewelry - Bico Galaxy said...

My husband and I are working with PFA to adopt from Russia. We just completed our Home Study and will be getting our dossier apostilled next week! We will be adopting from Vlad as well. Please let me know if you would recommend PFA for a placement agency and what your wait time was between dossier completion and referral.