Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adoption Update....

I haven't been getting my mail on a regular basis because it is too cold to walk to the mailbox so today I decided that it was time to check what's in there.....Well, a letter for the US Department of Homeland Security.

I've received an approved I-171H, Advanced Processing Of Orphan Petition, or in other words...I have the document that is needed to bring Natalee home when it is time. Assuming all of this occurs within the next 18 months because that is when this document expires.

I'm one step closer to bring my daughter home.

The Russian Government has been off for the past two week for Russian Christmas so nothing has been going on. They returned to work on Monday January 12 (because of the time change it is already Monday over in Vladivostok Russia). So let's get this show on the road......

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