Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year- The Year of the Ox

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!
The Year of the Ox
Yesterday began the celebration of Chinese New Year for Charlee and I. We went to two events yesterday with Marque and Liza. It all began with a drive to Provo, Utah.

A quick story at Borders that only lasted 2 minutes because Charlee was ready to move. I don't blame her, she had been in the car for a long time.

After walking outside in the cold rain at the outdoor mall, we found the Chinese New Year celebration.

Marque, Liza, and Charlee at the craft table. They made dragons and masks

Marque and Liza are meeting the Lion Dancers. At this point, Liza was a bit scared of the Lion.

Charlee and Liza get an up close look at the Lion

The Lion Dance

Liza over came her fear of the Lion. She LOVED It!!!! Charlee liked the Lion but the loud drums she did not.
After a long bit of dinner, we went to the next event. The Chinese Celebration at Cottonwood High School. There were dancers, singing, magician show, and the best thing of all was the Chinese Acrobat. She was able to spin, flip, twist a table, large vase, and an umbrella with her feet. She was amazing. I hope Charlee doesn't try that at home.
Guan Hay Fat Choy!!!!!

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