Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Forever Family

Minnie found her way to a new family today. After careful thought, I decided that Minnie was not a good fit for our family. She was getting more and more aggressive, harder to control, biting, and was out of control. She reminded me of my Viszla, Melanie, who I had to send to heaven because of these same issues.

We all said our good-byes, took these photographs, and drove to meet her new family. The new family has old children around 10 years of age and they were extremely happy to see Minnie. Minnie was on her best behavior and wagging her cute little tail.

As soon as they drove away, I began to cry. I didn't realize how much I loved the little devil until the end.

Tinker Bell is a bit confused about the change but adjusting well. She is able to walk around the house, eat her dog food, and play toys without Minnie attacking her. She is a different dog. Still very sweet and mellow.

Charlee was alittle upset today but she is doing fine now. Natalee is too young to understand.

The Last Photo Of Minnie

We will always remember you, Minnie.


Lisa and Tate said...

Congrats... and huges.. I know it was hard but sounds like the stress level will be better.

Thanks for coming yesterday!

Matthew said...

Wow! We need to talk more often.

Eliza2006 said...

Good for you. You made the right decision...