Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two week post-op visit

Well, it will be two weeks tomorrow since my surgery. I thought I would be further in my recovery.

I saw my doctor today, "I thought you would be further along, too" probably slower healing because of my diabetes. No signs of infection, healing well, but just slow. What I thought was a bladder infection is actually bladder spasms because of the manipulation he did during surgery. This is usually gone by now but it will not last forever.

He wants be to contiue what I'm doing and see him in another month. If at the 4th week post-op (return to work time), I'm not fully recovered, he may extend my leave of absense.

Sneezing is painful, and coughing is worse. This will be all worth it after I'm fully recovered.

How do women have babies and go home to care for them full time? Especially, after a C-section.

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