Saturday, July 11, 2009

Terrific Pictures

Ok....I know that these pictures were taken two Saturdays ago has been busy with sick children and family members. This was the being of the "NatVirus". the pictures were taken by Tiffany's Mom, Gail. More pictures of the gang can be viewed on her blog at

SWAC minus Noah

I love this one

and this one

and of course this one

this one too

My Girls

Solomon, Mila, Tate, and Natalee


LiLi said...

You got some really great pictures! My favorite is the one where Natalee looks like she is laughing. I also love the one you like of she and char char

Julie said...

So happy to have finally found your blog! It was wonderful to see you and Charlee and meet the lovely Miss N! Hopefully we will see you again soon!