Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natalee Update

Natalee LOVES food. She is eating 1 cup of cereal in one sitting. She had no interest in her bottle while Charlee and I were eating dinner so I made her some cereal. She opened her mouth when she is ready for another bite. I can't shovel in the food fast enough.

Natalee had her first bite of banana. At first she didn't like it but when I mixed it with her cereal, she LOVED it.

Bananas are on the menu for tomorrow night.

We also had our final post-placement social worker visit with Esther today. She was great. The girls were well behaved. And the most important thing......We are one step closer to finalizing Natalee's adoption. The date is not set but September 17th (6th months) is just around the corner. We can't wait.

Have I ever said how much I love my girls?

I love my Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eliza2006 said...

So nice to have this step of the paperwork behind you! congrats!