Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July Weekend

Our 24th of July weekend started out great with the Bountiful Parade. Natalee stayed home with Grandma who was fighting a cold, most likely from Natalee. We joined Aunt Von and the crew, Papa, Grandma Beckie, and Grandpa Paul. We had a great time, got lots of candy, and goodies.

Play that Guitar!!!!!!!

That night we had a huge sleep over at Grandma and Papa's house. Charlee was going to sleep with "Kids" but joined me. Let's just say I didn't get the best night sleep. Friday morning after breakfast, we went swimming at the pool. It was great as usual. The "Kids" are getting to be better swimmers each year.

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Eliza2006 said...

We probably weren't too far from you...we decided to go swimming at the Bountiful pool. Actually that was later on that night. We'll have to try the parade next year!