Monday, April 20, 2009

A Relaxing Monday

Our Monday morning started with the sun shining through the front door. I couldn't resist opening up and letting all the light in. Charlee played with her dolls and animals in the sun for almost an hour. She finally said, "IT'S HOT". Maggie also enjoyed the rays.

Natalee sporting her new sun hat

We are off for a small bike ride and walk. A small walk was more than enough. Maggie stopped every two feet to eat a new patch of grass. Charlee cried almost the whole way because I wouldn't pull her with the leash on her bike. My neighbors are probably laughing at me. One woman pushing a stroller, walking a large dog, and pulling another child on a bike. I would laugh if I saw that, too.

A nap on the couch after lunch

Charlee and I were able to clean up and began to put out the summer furniture in the back yard. It was so nice today I couldn't pass up the opportunity to set up the swing seat and get the toys all cleaned up. Charlee was a HUGE help until I moved something and there were 5 live worms. She wouldn't get of the storage box until I washed them away. "I only like worms when they are dead and dried up at Grandma's house'

My Girls were both down for bed before 7PM. Natalee will be up again around 10PM which is ok with me. Charlee had assistance of going to bed with cold medications. Yes, we all have colds. What else is new?

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