Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charlee Day 2009

Charlee Day 2009
I decided to make today, April 30th, officially Charlee Day. This is the last day of my maternity leave where Charlee will be home. I decided to let Charlee decide what to do. She picked feeding the ducks at Layton Park with Grandma.
I love the duck park in Layton. Lots of shade, clean, and plenty of ducks, swans, geese, and sea gulls. Charlee loved feeding them. I cleaned out my freezer of all the old bread.

Natalee enjoyed the bright lights and the bumps of the stroller

Mr and Mrs Mallard

The Baby Canadian Geese

Natalee snoozing after lunch. She had formula while the rest of us had Subway

Charlee loved eating the bread. I asked myself, "Why do I buy her fresh bread".

Charlee and Grandma loved the park. We spent three hours walking around and feeding the birds.

Charlee's favorite, the Black Swan.

The White Swan on the huge nest

Charlee sustained 2 falls on the sidewalk and scraped her knees up. She was a bit of a drama queen. It's just the beginning of the scrapped knee season of Summer

After the park, we drove back home for Ice Cream at Cold Stone. Yummy!!!!!

Natalee slept all the way through ice cream.
Later in the evening, Charlee, Natalee, and I went for a walk to the neighborhood park. Charlee played on the slides and jungle gym for a bit. As we were leaving the park, she sustained another fall and more injury to her knees. They are beginning to look like hamburger. I asked if I could take a picture for the blog and her answer was "NO". May be tomorrow. She played so hard today with just a small nap on the way to the duck park that she was fast asleep at 6:55PM.
We are going to make Charlee Day an annual event. We'll have a Natalee Day later this year.
We had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!
The perfect day to end maternity leave.

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