Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My First Unofficial Day Back To Work

Today was my first unofficial day back to work since I left at 11:10AM on March 16, 2009. My office at the hospital is being converted into a shower room of the ICU. They need to start the conversion asap so I hate to do it today vs next week when I'm official back to work. My new office is nice but there was alot to move. My new office is only 20-30 feet away so it was not too bad. Thank you Marque for helping!!!!!

Charlee is not happy about me returning to work. She started crying tonight and when she finally told me why she was crying, it was because I have to return to work. She has gotten attached to my hip. I don't blame her for being upset. I don't want to return to work either.

While I was at work, Grandma Beckie and Grandpa Paul watched the girls. Thank you.

They said that Natalee was a bit fussy. So I decided to try some Simethicone drops to see if that would help her fussiness and spitting up. So far, after three feedings only a quarter size spit up. She seems better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Even with the fussiness and spitting up during the day, she has slept 6 hours straight every night for the past 4 nights. Can she make it 5 in a row?????

I hope so.....

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The Poulson's said...

I just loved seeing you and Natalee today! I miss having you around. You are a beautiful family, and I am so happy for you and those girls that you all have each other :)