Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Disneyland 2010
We arrived home this morning from the Magical Kingdom. It was a GREAT vacation. Can you call going to Disneyland a vacation?
We were up early every morning to open the gates of Disneyland, walked a million miles, wore kids down to tears, and fell asleep at night exhausted. Then did it all again the next day.
We did 43 rides in 3 1/2 days at Disneyland. Tiffany had our rides mapped out to a tee so we rarely stood in line. Alice in Wonderland was a big hit with 3 rides along with Tea Cups.
Tiffany took all the pictures but I got a few great shots of Tiffany, Eliza, Solomon, and Charlee on the Tea Cups.

Natalee decided to stay on the sidelines with Mom

I'll be posting more pictures as I get them.
Vacationing with 4 children and 2 adults was difficult at times but all worth it when we saw the children's eye light up with the magic.

Our two double side-by-side strollers were a life saver. 24 wheels total took over the streets of Disneyland.

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Lisa and Tate said...

What cute girls!!! WOW... sounds like a great and exhausting time... Cannot wait to hear and see more!