Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tooth #3

Natalee got her third tooth, first on the top, last night.

Once again, no fever, runny nose (besides her cold), or fussiness. I'm a very lucky Mommy.

Natalee when back to see Dr. Petersen on Friday because her tear ducts clogged, again. Yes you heard me, CLOGGED....(this is rare). What are the odds of having two children with clogged tear ducts than re-clot? Per Dr. Petersen, "Very odd".

So Natalee got her tear ducts re-popped open after a bit of begging from Mom. The usual next step is placing stents in the ducts under general-anesthesia but I pleaded, can we just try one more time. So he did...... then gave me a prescription for eye drops as a last resort to keep them open. $50 later....

Well, yesterday her tears were not draining into the ducts. Already closed off...... GREAT!!!!!!!

Also....Natalee is near-sighted at 7 months old. "This is unusual at 7 months" said Dr. Petersen. So in 6 months she will go back to Dr. Petersen to be re-evaluated. Good News, she does not have strabimus like Charlee.

What is up with my children and their eyes? I could believe this if they were genetically related but they have such different genetic make-ups. The chances of having clogged tear ducts is 6 in 1000 births. I'm not sure what the chances of have having persistent clogged tear ducts are but probably 6 in one million.

Charlee goes for a second opinion for her eyes on November 30th.


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Oh man- so sorry to hear that! I hope it gets cleared up soon. HOw did they know she was near sighted?

Think of it this way- you haven't had teething or colicky stuff to deal with - just eye stuff. She is such a sweet girl!

Eliza2006 said...

Crazy...the eye thing is crazy! I can't wait to see Nat Tat with a big girl tooth on top! I think Sollie is working on an upper tooth as well! The babies are getting big! I want to freeze them in time!