Monday, September 28, 2009

Ms. Kathie

Today was the first day with Ms. Kathie....and life is TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops, I never blogged about the change in child care. After receiving my paycheck with the Girls full time child care fees deducted, I decided to look at other options. So I decided to look for a in-home daycare around home. The first two were just SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I found Kathie. I spent two hours talking with her the first time we met. The Girls played with the other kids and were happy. Kathie is about 5 minutes away from our house. It's not to bad of a drive with easy on and off freeway to work.

So when I dropped the Girls off this morning, Charlee didn't have any tears or whines. They were happy. When I picked them up, they were both asleep but Kathie said they both had a great day. Charlee agreed and wants to go back.

We are lucky to have found Kathie.

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Lisa and Tate said...

I am glad you found Kathie! I think a GREAT at home daycare is perfect for our sweet little gals. I feel like it was a heaven sent for me to find my neighbor willing to watch my Tate. Will have to chat about this!

Hugs and miss you guys