Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Luck

Today I was happy to be done with work and go get the girls when I discovered that my car had been broken into at the parking garage at work. Yep!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "Bad Guy" busted the passanger window and sent glass all over the place. At first I didn't know what to do or how to ask. I called work security. While I was waiting, I discovered that the only thing taken was Natalee's diaper bag. Yep only the diaper bag. I paid five dollar for the thing. The contents inside had more value than the bag itself (diaper, wipes, bottle, and formula).

What a mess!!!!!Glass everywhere. I'll be finding glass for the rest my life.

The Honda dealership will have a replacement window tomorrow at 10 AM. Only $250 just for the window and estimated 2.5 hours of labor. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! My insurance company will get a call tomorrow for a claim.

Mom jumped in as usual and let me borrow her car. She will take my car to be fixed tomorrow. I don't know what I would do without such great parents. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

It could have been alot worse but what a mess to deal with.


LiLi said...

Ugh! As someone who has lost her diaper bag- it's replacing the contents that is a pain.

I just got back in town and will call when I can.....still catching up.

Marque and Liza said...

Doesn't that just make you want to thump the "bad guy"??? The four princesses were all shocked when I told them. They can't beleive that someone is so mean!
What a pain! Thank heaven for Grandma to help! I am glad they did not take more or cause more damage.
Sending and E-hug {ooo} from us.