Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Little Girl Turns 3 .....

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!
Charlee's birthday cake with Little People Princes and Princess, but don't forget the frog
Charlee's first keyboard. This was a huge hit.

Plus the microphone for singing

The birthday girl with her puppy

More fun bath stuff

Charlee's First Sleeping Bag and Tent. She's ready for sleepovers, now.

Dress-up Jewerly

A new Panda toothbrush holder

A full size Doodle. Another huge hit.

When asking Charlee how old she is today she told everyone, "SIX".


Lisa and Tate said...

Happy Birthday CHARLEE!!! I can't believe the girls are three!!!

LiLi said...

Happy Birthday Char Char Binks! Love you!