Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Charlee's Surgery

Charlee was a trooper today for her second eye surgery. She didn't cry until they took her into the operating room, NO PARENTS ALLOWED. She took longer to wake up for anesthesia than the last surgery so we were at Primary Children's Medical Center until Noon. It's been a long day but everything went well.

Her tears are bloodier than last time and there is bloody drainage from her nose because of the stent that they placed in her right tear duct. She also got her blood drawn and a catheterized urine sample to evaluate her kidneys because of the possible exposure to the tainted Chinese baby formula with Melamine. We can't do just a simple surgery, we always have to add something else.

Charlee playing while Mom gets checked-in and signs alot of papers. It was almost as bad as buying a house.

Pre-op area. "Look at my Koala Bear Jammies"

"I'm ready when you are""Please hurry, I'm hungry"

Let's just hope this is the last eye surgery for this little girl.

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