Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alligator or Dragaon???

Is it a Alligator or a Dragon?

Charlee at school after their Halloween parade.

Charlee was not into Halloween on Friday the 31st. It was a struggle to get the costume on and leave it on. We went Trick or Treating at one house and that was enough for her. She loved passing out candy at Grandma and Papa's house until the Joker showed up. The Joker scarred her so bad that she dropped the full bowl of candy on the porch. She didn't want the Joker to come back. This is funny because her cousin was the Joker in PA.

On Saturday, we went over to Great-Grandma's to show her the alligator and Charlee couldn't get enough of her costume. Out of the clear blue, Charlee said she was a "Dragon".

Way back when, Charlee said she wanted to be an Alligator for Halloween but there were no Alligator costumes to be found. I looked all over the internet and Pennsylvania. The Alligator/Dragon costume was the closest I could find. It was so cute that I couldn't resist and Charlee loved it from the beginning.

Happy Halloween

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