Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladybug Drama

Last night I was feeding Natalee in the rocking chair in her room. Charlee had set-up her Ladybug blanket for story time. If you didn't know, Charlee's Ladybug blanket is her favorite and never wants to be away from it. It is her security. Well.......

Natalee all of a sudden threw-up all 4 oz of her bottle all over the place. She was covered in liquid vomit. My shirt and shorts took a huge hit and it was running all over the place. In my panic, I grabbed the closest thing.....THE LADYBUG BLANKET.

As soon as Charlee realized what I did....the water works began. She was crying so hard that the tears were soaking her shirt, she could hardly breath, and she was MAD at me.

So while I'm trying give Natalee a bath, get her dressed, settle her down, take a shower myself, and clean up the dirty clothes and blanket....Charlee is still crying and wanting her Ladybug blanket. I offered her everything but she just wanted her blanket. I even offered that the next time she throws up, I'll grab Natalee's blanket but that didn't help.

Finally when she was in bed with her other Star Blanket (second best blanket), she asked if I was going to wash the blanket. "Of course" and "It will be as good as before". She finally stopped being upset and was happy again.


I hope nothing ever happens to that blanket or I will be in the dog house forever.

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Lisa and Tate said...

I remember that LB blanket! Idea... could you cut it into half or fourths that way she will never be without her blanket???

Fun to see you yesterday!!! Loving the gifts!!! Thanks!